The Recipe for Lasting Joy

Peace be upon you, beyoutiful people of the world!

Today, I rediscovered true joy.

It was not in buying that gorgeous flamingo pink dress, for sure. Neither was it in indulging my inner foodie.

Today, I found love by sharing it with someone else. By passing on a smile, by sharing words of love.

By uplifting my fellow human. By not wanting anything in return but The Pleasure of The Most High. That is how we unveil a joy that lasts.

You see, everything in our physical world is fleeting. Moments soaked in feelings…that have lodged deep inside our hearts…last forever.

So, as this crazy whirlwind of a year comes to a close, let’s open ourselves up to infinite blessings by sharing goodness with others.

Even if it’s “just” a kind word, as Rasulullah (saw) advised us. You don’t know whose life you will transform.

And on this blessed journey, you’ll retrieve the treasure everyone’s been looking for: peace.


With a million thanks to my Lord & to you,

Motivational Mishi

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