True String Theory IS Why We Should Help Each Other

Peace be with you, beautiful shining, glittery human being! 😀

Motivational Mishi is back, with a bang! So much has happened, and unreal amounts of resilience have been cultivated. I started my own tradition of Saturday Night lives on my instagram. They are aptly named, #pillowtalktruth :’) Come join us at 10pm EST and ask all of your burning questions about life, and most importantly…Love.

Also, I did bite the bullet and published a video on self-love to YouTube! I had one of the most profound realizations of my entire life this past summer, in which I realized how I have always been enough.

Now, I know exactly how to deal with those pesky whispers of self-doubt! It has been life-changing, game-changing, and absolutely transformative for my relationships!

If you’re wondering (which you probably are hehe) when I’m going to reveal the secrets to you, get ready for October 1st! That’s my earthly birthday, but it’s also the date I am going to be releasing something that you have all been waiting for since forever!

So, mark the date on your calendars and sit tight! Your lives are never going to be the same – for the better! God-Willing.

OK, so how does this have anything to do with string theory? Well…

String theory’s basic premise is that instead of atoms, matter (aka us and other things) is made up of vibrating strings! These strings are made up of energy.

After last summer, when I was inspired to write Submission: The Theory of Everything, I have been able to gain a much deeper insight into the Reality of my own life.

For example, I take string theory one step further and argue that all of us human beings are part of one giant cosmic web.

A single “negative vibration” from one human being, such as a misguided intention actually lowers the energetic vibrations of our collective consciousness.

Similarly, a single “positive vibration” such as a sincere desire to help a starving child has the power to elevate all of humanity.



WE are all connected on the cosmic web! In other words, we are all ONE.

Quran 49:13 The Word of God, along with the original Bible, Torah and Psalms.

This, us is the web that God Himself Has Designed so cleverly. This is why He Says in His Own Words:

We can’t get away with hurting someone else without hurting ourselves and all of humanity. And just like that, we can’t get away with helping someone else without helping ourselves and all of humanity!

I mean, it’s pure genius, isn’t it?!

The entire purpose of us being here is to love ourselves to love one another fully. Everything in the outer world, including our earth will then reflect this united reality. Peace in our hearts will lead to peace on earth.

Ramsha “Dr. Peace” Suhail

Why don’t you try experimenting with a web of your own creation? Pull one string up and see how the surrounding strings are affected. Pull the same string down, and you’ll witness the ripple effect for yourself.

Of course, not all actions are created the same.

Taking someone’s life does not have an effect of the same magnitude as refusing to share your favorite snack.

Saving a life elevates humanity differently from offering to do the dishes tonight. (hint, hint, Mishi :))

The magnitude of the effect on our collective cosmic web is determined by the intention with which we carried it out. It is our intentions that vibrate throughout the universe, after all.

So, choose to set a positive intention.

To hit it home, what one of us does has an impact on the energy of the whole.

So, be very careful about what you send out because…

What goes around comes around ‘cuz our world is round! Plus, you are included in the collective consciousness, so when you try to hurt someone else, you are ultimately hurting yourself.

If you care about humanity and the future of our world, then:

Please, choose Love. Intend with love. Act with love.

Be loving to yourself, and your cup will naturally overflow onto your neighbor’s hands, too.

I promise you, it’s the most scientific solution of all. It is weaved into the very fabric of our existence. But you already knew that deep down, didn’t you?

With immense LOVE and bundles of gratitude,

Motivational Mishi!

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