Why Do We Suffer? Why Can’t God Make This World Perfect?

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! (and doing…:))

When I found the answer to one of the most pressing questions of my life, I was shook. Literally.

It was like the pieces of the most confusing puzzle instantaneously snapped together. Subhan Allah! Glorified is God.

Ok so here goes:

Can a mom be forgiving if her child never makes a mistake?

Can a father be patient if his child always does everything on time?

Can you be generous if everyone already has everything?

We were sent here to develop our character, to unveil the qualities of patience, forgiveness, generosity and mercy with one another…so after we die, we get to connect with The Infinite Source of these qualities – God Almighty Himself.

If we were perfect, like angels, would we get to experience God’s Qualities of Forgiveness, Mercy and Unconditional Love?

And there’s your answer 🙂 You, my powerfully human friend, were sent here with a superhero mission. It is your job to change this world for the better.

You were created to take care of it.

But before you do that, make sure to change yourself first. You are made from the earth, after all.

What happens to it happens to you.

Now, let’s get to workin’!

P.S. What do you think about suffering after understanding this secret? Does it all make sense now?

Paradise (and your wings!) awaits after this life of struggle. Pinky pro-mish! (get it?………)

Love & Gratitude,

Just Mishi

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