Pure Food Revolution

After what I like to call a grueling weight ‘release’ journey, successfully treating eczema with #foodasmedicine and reading Dr. Mark Hyman’s Food Fix, we decided to build products we wish existed.

Right now, we have extremely limited stock and have unofficially released. It is eco-friendly, plastic-free, sustainably packaged and sourced, gluten and dairy-free with no processed sugars. Just real, whole foods, cold-pressed.

By the Infinite Grace of God, Pure5Foods has already built a water well in Nigeria – a project we dedicated 100% of profits to in Ramadan. Next, we are looking forward to sharing a quarter of profits to eliminating food, water & education insecurities, especially among orphans and vulnerable fellow humans.

Our vision with our Pure5Food Snacks is that they may replace certain medicines one day, while simultaneously becoming a doctor’s (or med student’s…) favorite munchie…we’re on our way. Alhamdulillah.

Products you can order are:

  1. Frozen Organic Superseed Bars in Almond Saffron, Cinnamon Rose & Peanut Butter Halva flavors
  2. Frozen Organic Halal Chicken Box Patties (with organic oat flour, milk, bell peppers + mozzarella cheese)…

I mean, something besides the halal chicken nuggets and tenders, people! This is baked, too! Pop it in the oven for 10-15 min, and you have a meal/snack/guilt-free mood-booster!

If you would like to order free samples or have questions, please call/message 347-863-1909. We would love your feedback 🙂

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