Manifest My Soulmate

By 2030, our goal is for 1 million women to marry their soulmates.

How do I go from watching wedding videos to having my own? Read on.

Enlightened Match was created by

Ramsha Suhail, Relationship Coach and Intimacy Expert

Why? To bust marriage myths & make finding the love of your life easy and fun while crushing your goals!

How? Through Interactive 1:1 and Creative Group Coaching

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If you are an exceptional, God-centered single woman and would like support on this oftentimes stressful journey, let’s connect.

Our Why? To make finding the love of your life easy, you brilliant creature, you.

So you have more time to do other things…like have fun with your girlfriends, and make your dreams come true.

It is by application only. We welcome exceptional bachelorettes with open hearts & minds who are ready to invest in themselves and a marriage filled with freedom.

True Love Is What We’re All Seeking, Isn’t It? Write Your Own Love Story.