You MUST Share What You Know

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

As I pored over the pages of Dr. Lipton’s Biology of Belief (one of my big 3 for today!), I was struck that he had a very similar journey to my own. It was the journey from separation to union.

Biologically, cells change in response to their environment; otherwise, they will die. They do something else with these adaptations, though, that’s really interesting.

They pass on these very important traits that they’ve learned to the next generation. Why? Because they were designed to give, to serve…even though they might not be around to see the impact. They were made to help other cells survive and thrive!

Allah (Arabic name for our one God) Does Not Create anything except with purpose and in truth. IQRA Dream’s pioneering way is to connect the dots between what we see at the subatomic level to the human being to the world and ultimately, to reality itself.

When we realize that our inside creates the outside environment, we begin to understand what the wise advised…to be the change. That is when we begin to experience true enlightenment.

We are one, from The One.

Just like cells and immune systems that pass on these survival tools to future generations, we MUST share what we know while we’re still alive! We must NOT be shy or afraid that no one will listen. We MUST decide to be messengers of our lives, our lessons, so that future generations will be well-equipped to lead.

Do what you were designed to do, what every cell in your body and every organ system is already doing. Cooperate, collaborate, and share what you’ve learned. Join the dance of unison with the universe.

Witness the unity of all there is, and be a witness to the Absolute Oneness of God, our Lord, Our Creator, Our Sustainer, Our Cherisher.

After all, we ourselves are “standing on the shoulders of giants before us.” (Newton)

We owe it to ourselves and to the world to be brave and to share.

The question is, will you lead the evolution of the human mind?

Or will you be just another cell that withers away into the dust?

The choice is yours, but there are consequences for all.

Choose wisely.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

P.S. I’m thinking of releasing either podcasts like these high-energy blog posts, or videos! What would you like to see, and what are some questions you have for me? I would love to hear your thoughts!!! ❤

Your Big Three

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Today, I learned about Pearson’s Law from Dr. Benjamin Hardy. It basically states that if you measure something (like how much $ is in your bank account), it’s more likely to improve.

This simple truth gets even better. If you measure that something and you report it to someone else (an accountability partner), that something gets way way better…like exponentially. So go and grab a responsible person and get accountin’!

Now, I have to start practicing mindfulness even more. I’ve decided to be super-intentional about my life, and religiously create the life of my dreams.

The journaling can’t happen sporadically. It has to be a daily habit. After we’re seven, our brains absorb only what we ritualize…the everyday things.

Dr. Hardy recommended a to-do list of your “big three.”

Everyday, you have three main objectives; for maximum achievement, less is definitely more. This is how you tap into the flow state…the same state I was in when I wrote a book in six days!

What are your big three?

To be extra proactive, I’m noting down mine the night before!

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

How My Thoughts Healed Me

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Don’t ever forget the lesson of simple truths.

Try not to make things complicated. When you’re still, you can hear better 🙂

Also, I am sharing my top secret way of relieving any incoming symptoms using my thoughts.

Channeling extreme joy into my system, I laugh genuinely as I exclaim aloud, “I am getting an award for being the healthiest girl in the world!!!” I really feel the joy like I am actually receiving this trophy.

Make yourself extremely emotional as you think, feel and believe. Tears leakin’ out? Even better.

Then, for good measure, I imagine a humongous syringe of vitamin D shooting up into my chest and into my nose, POOFing all the bad stuff!

Did you know? Stroke patients who imagined flexing their hands were able to regain function in record time. Whoa. That’s some serious stuff!

It’s great to keep repeating this a few times a day depending on how you feel.

Also, you guys already know how I’m a huge believer in sound therapy. Sound has the power to create or destroy. Don’t loud sounds make your heart beat faster?!

With Allah’s Will, you can create that good health, an invaluable treasure!

Pray sincerely to Allah (Our One God) to heal you, and believe that He Already Has + be grateful in advance!

Play Surah Fatiha and read it out loud as it is the greatest sound therapy in the universe – Sent from The Creator Himself.

Play Ayatushifa as well as Manzil du’a on YouTube and just relax as you allow the vibrations to purify your entire system.

My students and I have used these tips to heal from colds, fevers and even potential zits!?

You have serious superpowers, dude. Don’t forget to tap into them and as always, be the change.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

The Truth is Simple

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Because our Creator Is All-Knowing, He Originated all the worlds with a special Source Code.

Because He Is also The Most Loving and The Most Generous, He Made sure everything was connected using that source code.

It would be obvious to all who went out earnestly searching for it.

That Source Code is Love. Without it, plants wouldn’t sprout up from the ground, against all odds.

Without it, baby birds would go to bed hungry each night as their parents took flight.

Without it, the sun would never shine on sinners and saints alike.

Love is at the core of it all. It’s the greatest, yet simplest scientific truth of all.

A baby can die without its mother’s love.

To open ourselves up to the love that’s already there, we need to clean the glass on the window.

To open ourselves up to God’s Love, we need to become love in everything we are…

Is it starting to make sense now? It’s like an algebraic equation. So simple, yet so ignored.

Human beings like to make things complicated.

Did you know? You can change a life with just a smile. It’s charity. (Prophet Muhammad (pbuh))

By embodying love ourselves, we will be able to connect with Love Itself, both in this world and for all eternity (Al-Akhira).

And we could all use a little more love ❤

With immense love x gratitude ,

Just Mishi

Instant Rewards Stunt Growth

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Has the sun ever risen over the horizon in a sudden flash?

Has night instantly blanketed the sky at dusk?

Has a seed ever sprouted into a tree overnight?

Has a caterpillar ever become a butterfly without a long, intense struggle?

Doesn’t it take nine whole months for a baby to come into this world?

It takes time to release the extra weight.

It takes time to build excellent habits.

It takes time to spread your brilliant ideas.

It takes time to build trust, to un-learn all that you were programmed with.

It takes a whole lifetime to finally come home, back to Allah!

Be patient. The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

Fast food is instant and it has zero nutritional value. Staying in bed and snoozing the alarm is instant and it keeps you stuck in your comfort zone. Binging on Netflix is instant, and it hurts way more than it helps. The morning after such an all-nighter, you really wish you hadn’t.

You ignore the root of the problem, and keep treating it at the surface level. Then, you get surprised (whaaaat?!) when you end up with the same results.

Humans value what they get with their efforts more. It’s way better for their growth, too. When you wait for something you want while working for it, it heightens the excitement factor. What’s instant is actually great in-stunting growth.

There are no overnight successes. Just humans, like you & I, who spent years and years chipping away at their art without anyone noticing…humans who were the only ones to cheer themselves on for what seemed to be forever…and suddenly, they became the biggest things on the planet.

It’s crazy, I don’t even know how this happened,” they will say about their wild successes…in total shock and humility.

All praise & thanks to our One God, Who Is The Most Generous. The One Who Recognizes and Rewards our efforts. Alhamdulillah.

Some Nobel Prize winners work on their ideas for decades before they get recognized.

Keep watering your plant with gratitude.

Remember that if what goes up must come down, the opposite is also true. Because everything created is in pairs. What goes down must come up. Like a wave…brain, heart or ocean…the patterns are just about the same. Like a seed, if you really want to succeed.

Keep basking it in the life-giving light of the sun, everyday. Even if you don’t see growth right away.

All great things take time. Be patient. Your time is coming. Remember the caterpillar struggling out of its cocoon, and be patient. Do not give up. Keep up the positive thinking. Keep practicing your excellent habits. Your time is coming.

The proof of your brilliant future is all around you…look up from your screen every once in a while to return nature’s (and Allah’s) loving embrace.

Open your eyes and go look outside. The sun has never left your side.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi ❤

It Ain’t Over Till You Win!

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Today, I learned something profound about bad days. Turns out, “I didn’t have a bad day. I had a character developing day.” (Les Brown)

The sun always rises again for a new day.

No matter how dark it gets, you know, without the shadow of a conceivable doubt, that day is coming.

That day is your dreams coming true. That’s how hard I want you to believe in YOU.

You’re destined for greatness, don’t you ever forget it!

You are made of the same womb that gave birth to the galaxies, the universe, to all that exists!

Let’s go even deeper.

Night only happens when the earth moves! The sun was there the whole time. Read that again. (You’re made from the earth)

“So indeed with every hardship, there is ease, indeed with every hardship, there is ease.” (Quran 94:5-6)

Now, since you have unwavering Divine support no matter how impossible it looks like on the outside, what’s next?

“And so when you have finished your duties, continue to strive in devotion. And direct your longing to Your Lord.” (94:7-8)

Continue to work for your dreams…even if you can’t see ahead of you. Even if it looks like it’ll never work out. I promise you, it WILL.

The caterpillar was always meant to be a butterfly! But when it’s struggling out of the cocoon, it thinks it’s going to die! Little does it know what’s waiting on the “other side”…

Honor your struggles. There will always be struggles on the way to achieving your dreams. They are there to help you bloom and learn lessons you never could if life was comfortable. You won’t get what you want.

You will get what you NEED to grow into the person you were destined to be. To have the impact on the world that only you were meant to see.

You just do your job. You make the intention and you take initiative. Then, you surrender and trust in the Self-Sustaining Source taking care of all the worlds.

Don’t you dare throw in the towel. Don’t you dare let what anyone thinks of you become your reality. Don’t you dare say it’s impossible. (The word itself is contradictory: I’m possible!)

Repeat after me (and shout it from the rooftops): “No matter how bad it looks, or how bad it gets, I am going to make it. The show MUST go on. It ain’t over till I win!!!”

What’s waiting for you, then?

P.S. This blog post was inspired by the Quran. Humans like Brendon Burchard and Les Brown are vibing on a similar wavelength, so their words have inspired me too. I am so very grateful. Thank You so much for your service.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

How to Overcome Gravity

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Resistance is a very strong force.

Resistance is what stops you from waking up early in the morning.

Resistance is what sticks you to your chair when you know you should be working out.

Resistance is what holds you back from speaking up for what’s right.

Resistance is gravity. It holds you down…stuck to the ground.

How do you overcome gravity?


Choose the path of least resistance.

The force pushing you up has to be stronger than the force holding you down.

That force is activated when you fully trust in The Supreme Source of all that is – Allah.

If logic tells you that you can’t float, that you’ll never fly…throw logic out the window! They say if you have enough faith, you can walk on water.

Empty yourself, like a cup. Become lighter than the air, as light as a feather.

But, if you’re just not ready for that yet, here’s another option:

One of my students came up with the idea of a buoyancy balloon. If they want to float but don’t know how, they can use a balloon filled with air to help them.

They can piggyback off of the “lightweight” balloon and it will help push them up. It will help them defy the resistance, defy gravity.

Friends are similar. If you have a friend that’s like an anchor, heavy with hatred, grudges, negativity etc., you holding on to them will pull you down…farther away from your destiny.

However, if your friend is one who is positive, and at peace through submission to The Divine, they will be your life jacket in the uncertain sea of life. They will push you up, where you belong!

Be careful who your friends are…life jackets or anchors?

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

How To Get Everything You Want

When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink. But when you try to sink, you float.

Alan Watts

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Thought experiment: Is a bottle of water in the ocean at one with it? Is it separate from the ocean?

Yes, it is separated from the ocean – even though this bottle has water inside of it…the same thing the ocean’s made up of.

What’s separating it?

A barrier…a wall of sorts. And what is that wall?

The bottle itself.

You have to get rid of the bottle for the water inside to connect with the vast ocean water.

Erase yourself, your lower physical self so that you can draw power from the Infinite Source of all there is – the Limitless Ocean of God.

Make your will and His Will One. Embrace Complete Unity with The One.

“Die before you die,” our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him has said.

There are so many lessons to be learned from the world around us.

When a non-swimmer like me gets in the water, we thrash around like crazy. Why? We think we’re going to drown if we don’t.

The more experienced, pro-swimmers have learned that it is only by letting go that one can float. To live, you must stop resisting.

When you resist, it hurts twice. You can’t change the outcome. That’s for sure. But you also make yourself suffer needlessly in the process.

When you surrender, hands up n’out like a starfish, you float. You achieve your desire, and you’re at total peace with all of existence.

You trust in a Higher Being, despite everything your logical mind tries to anchor your ankles to.

Has this backwards law ever let you down?

Think of breathing. When you try really hard to breathe, it becomes hard to breathe. When you let go, you breathe on your own.

When your path seems cloudy, think deeply about what you are holding on to. Is it wealth, children or fame? Is it fear, shame or insecurity? Is it a long-held grudge?

Whatever your anchor, the truth is it’s weighing you down from being you. And eventually, it will drown you. The honorable (and life-supporting) measure is to kick it down to the ocean floor, where it belongs.

So, my dear friends, the key to mastering life, to achieving everything you have always wanted, to peace that never leaves…is letting go.

Stop resisting. Remember: The outcome will not change, no matter what you do.

But, when you trust in & surrender to the flow of the water, you experience the reality of who you really are.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

Remember When It Was Only Him

A Bedouin was asked how he came to know his Lord.

He said: Droppings point to the existence of livestock,

And footprints point to that of passers by,

So constellations that fill the sky, and an earth filled with valleys,

And oceans filled with waves,

Does that not point to Al-Latīf, Al-Khabīr?

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Driving in the rain, tears blurred my vision as I remembered.

There were times that I wanted to run away from the world…times I didn’t think it could be fixes.

When tears rained down like water from clouds like thunder, when not a drop of it remained on the rough terra-cotta sand of Arabia.

I remembered.

How He Would Wipe my tears away ever so lovingly…How He Would Gently Rock me to sleep. How He Held my hands and Led me to my destiny. He Showed me how it was meant to be, for me to create the life of my dreams!

Whoever refuses Love is a fool.

This little girl who was once afraid of everything closed her eyes real tight and jumped backwards into the sparkling blue sea.

Then, you see, it was this Love that enlightened me. In fact, the caterpillar had been a butterfly all along!

Shall I not be a grateful servant? – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

“When they slept, He was awake. When they broke, He held you up. When every means failed, He saved you. When the creation left you, He remained. He always remains. Never forget when the storms pushed you to your knees and there was no one else who could help you, He carried you. When you were broken and you swore this time it couldn’t be fixed…never ever forget who fixed it. Never forget what He saved you from. Never forget how He put you back together. Never, ever forget. That moment when you felt helpless and alone, never forget who never left. To forget this is the greatest heedlessness. No matter what you may have now, never forget those moments when it was only Him. Only Him. That is loyalty.

Yasmin Mogahed

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

(forever in Love with The One)

Are You an Enlightened Caretaker?

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Today, my dear mom asked me to help her water our plants. She filled up the bright orange Home Depot bucket to the brim with our green garden hose. (Acting like I had muscles) I steered it towards our lovely peach tree.

“Just throw the whole bucket in the soil,” Mama advised.

Mulling it over, I decided it would overwhelm the wee plant if all of the riches rained down at once!

Remembering that love makes things grow and bloom (while hatred kills), we gently sprinkled bowls of spring water around the tree. We spoke to our plants, reassuring them that we would take care of them. Before we left for the day, Mama added, “If you need anything, just let us know.” LOL!

Just imagine, if we had thrown the entire bucket of water onto the plant at once, it may have drowned under the weight.

Our intention was to give it everything all along. However, because we had the best interest of our beautiful peach tree in our hearts, we emptied out the water gradually.

The wisdom behind Divine Decree is best understood through the lens of love.

It reminded me of Allah. The Ultimate Caretaker of all the worlds.

We all start out as helpless, tiny little seeds. Seemingly insignificant, if it weren’t for the honor Gifted to us by our Lord. Agreed?

Then, with His Infinite, Unconditional Love, we sprout up from the ground, against all odds (aka gravity!).

Soon enough, we become entire trees on our own, with yummy ripe fruits bursting from our leaves.

We are both farmers and seeds, creators and creation…

We feel humility at our origins…and empowered when we choose to take care of each other, and of the earth.

All praise and thanks to The Someone who is taking care of us all along. Someone who makes us independent of all others but Him.

I bet you just fell in Love. There’s no turning back now 🙂 I’ll put up the Rumi & Iqbal starter pack ASAP…Lord-Willing (in sha Allah).

On a related note, parents may not know the pattern of each flower or exactly how tall the tree will be. That is not their job.

Their job is simply to cultivate the plant(s) they are given, to give it the tools it needs to thrive…to honor it and enable it to be on its own one day…generously giving shade to the world.

P.S. Remember the primary functions of plants – to give shade and juicy fruits for all who pass it by and to sow seeds…of Love, of course!

With immense love x serious gratitude,

Just Mishi