This is YOUR Sign.

Peace be upon you, beyoutiful glittery human being!

This is your sign to let go of all attachments but God.

This is your sign to let go of the ground, little caterpillar and soar to the sky, like a bird or a butterfly!

To spread your wings and fly so high, light as a feather in all of life’s colorful weather.

This is your sign that everything you can imagine, everything you dream of, everything you can believe in will most definitely happen, if…

You listen to your heart. You have the intention to make it work, no matter what. You make no excuses.

That’s when Allah, The Opener, Opens up the doors of the universe for you.

YOU become a co-creator, a mortal metaphor to the reality of absolute perfection, The Ultimate Creator.

Your thoughts create reality.

Choose to let things go.

When things go totally against your way, and you still submit to The Perfect Will of The All-Knowing, I promise…

What you want will happen anyway.

Yesterday, we were stuck for what seemed to be forever, at the front door of our home, unable to lock the door and leave.

Simply put, the key didn’t fit.

After some time, I was inspired to submit to Allah’s Will. I consciously decided that it would be ok even if we were going to stay home. Then, the miracle happened.

As instantaneously as I released that thought of submission, the key fit into the literal lock of our front door .. a key which previously seemed out of place!

Allahu Akbar! La ilaaha ilAllah!

And this is one of the many epic reasons why my upcoming Ted Talk will be discussing in 18-minute detail about how Submission IS The Theory of Everything. In sha Allah!

I’m onto something here, folks, I can feel it!!!

Have you tried surrendering therapy? In a physical, psychological or spiritual way? How has it worked for you? What are your limitations, if any, that you’re aware of?

I would love to hear your comments/questions in the comments below! What would YOU like to see next?! A YouTube video or a podcast?!

With so much L♥️VE & gratitude,

Motivational Mishi 💕😊💕

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