The Limitless Power of Prayer

Peace be upon you! You beautiful human, you! Hehe :’)

Sooo… we just traveled across the 7 seas and I’m telling you: prayer changed the game for us.

Every time we would get stuck, think we lost something, get held up, our hands would turn to the heavens.

In a very uncertain time for us when everything was out of our control, we witnessed the truly Unlimited Generosity of The Most High.

Of Allah, our Beloved, our Best Friend.

We would beseech Allah, pleading that only He Never Let us down, and He Promised:

Tears well up in my eyes when I remember His Generosity.

This verse from the Quran, the final revelation in the Eternal Words of God Himself, accurately captures what I’m feeling:

Allahu Akbar! Truly Allah Is Greater than everything else.

It was an earnest plea to Al Mujeeb, The One Who Always Responds, that put the toddler behind us to sleep…and The Most Merciful Gifted my mom with a peaceful plane ride.

It was an earnest plea to Ar Rahmaan, The Most Merciful, that literally warped space time for us so a nearly 12 hour plane ride seemed like it was no more than a couple hours’ journey!

It was an earnest plea to Al-Hafiz, The Guardian and Protector of Everything, that safely returned our hand-carry luggage and my Mac & Huda Beauty powder (lol!) to us.

Every time I would pray, I would sacrifice something for Allah’s Sake. Big or small.

Whatever your heart says, offer it up, and your beautiful wish will come true, when it’s best for you!

It’s HIS Promise, not mine. And I swear on my life, HE Is The Only One Who Always Keeps His Promise.

SubhanAllah. Alhamdulillah. Allahu Akbar!

It was a heartfelt prayer to Ar Razzaaq and Al Wadood, The Most-Loving, The Provider of all the worlds, that granted us a deliciously healthy vegetarian sandwich with my favorite pumpkin seeds so I could feel taken care of and so deeply loved.

(I had gotten my teeth whitened and I was advised to stay away from pigmented foods!! So yes, I was low-key hi-key, ALLLL-keys STARVING.)

It was an earnest plea to Al Kareem, The Most Generous, that led us to receiving our luggage at His Perfect Timing, all at once…right when we were about to give up!

Oh my God. And the list goes on and on.

And all good IS Truly from Allah.

And the shortcomings are from our ego, our nafs, our false self.

My Beloved Master, Caretaker, and Endless Gift Giver, The Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer of all that exists, please.

I beg you to pardon our shortcomings with Your Special Pardon. I beg you to make us from among Your Chosen Friends.


It was so intimate, conversing with Him beneath my mask. When it was only Him & I.

And HE Is Truly all we need. His Is The Language of our heartbeat:

Al-lah. Al-lah. Al-lah.

Overflowing with gratitude cannot come close to describing how I feel right now.

We can do nothing to deserve The Generosity of Al Ghaniyy, The One Above All Need.

Even if we spent our whole lives bowed, with our heads on the ground to Him.

So what do we do?

Say Alhamdulillah from the heart. Express pure gratitude for you are swimming in the ocean of His Endless favors. All praise and thanks IS for Him, alone. So use those favors in the way most pleasing to Him.

And when you’re confused, ask Him to show you how. Literally! Alhamdulillah! Ma sha Allah! TabarakAllah!

Let go and let God. Stop trying to control anything and everything. Let His Perfect plan unfold.

And what then? You’ll find everything your heart ever craved AND the peace you searched the 7 seas for.

You’ll find Paradise on earth. It’s that simple.

Speechless with emotion,

Motivational Mishi

P.S. Yes, I’m over 24 hours sleep-deprived, but a commitment is a commitment and this piece comes straight from the heart.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 and as always, I would LOVE your feedback! What do YOU want to hear about?!

P.P.S. Stay tuned for the most interesting conversation I had on a plane this Thursday, in sha Allah!

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