When You Level Up Your Vibes

Peace be upon you, beautiful people of the world, and sacred vessels of Divine Light!

Dear Me,

When you evolve from the old you and step into the new you, you don’t just lose your past self.

You lose people. You were once so close, but they just don’t get you anymore. What on earth happened?

You lose opportunities. That entry level job no longer has any room for you, and they let you go.

You lose your coccoon. It blows away with the wind, leaving you bare. Exposed.


Because you have changed what is in your self.

And so, your reality reflects that quite remarkably…like…

A mirror.

Don’t be sad for even a second, though. Don’t you dare let it make you doubt your worth. Your light quite literally lights up all the worlds!

Even though your ego has melted away and you’re leveling up, by God’s Grace, you’ve mistakenly lowered your numbers.

So here you are, scrambling for 2, 3 and 4-figure opportunities.

You mistakenly think this is the path to success, abundance and fulfillment.

Yet, you’re still confused when you don’t get the “luck” or the results you were hoping for.

It’s becoming more difficult, rather than the ease you were expecting. You might be teetering, on the edge of burning out…Hmm…

I’ll tell you the secret…come close.

You’re scrambling for 2, 3 and 4 figure opportunities, while your inner growth and evolution has opened up 5, 6 and 7, possibly even 8!!! figure opportunities for you.

Don’t you see?

Abundance is written in your DNA, so embrace it. And for God, for your Real Self, please claim it.

Realize your Infinite Divine Potential.

You’re ready to receive. In sha Allah!

By God’s Infinite Grace. By His Generosity. By The One Who Has Designed the game of Life for You to Win!

If only you would stop resisting your own abundance!

When will you stop getting in your own way?!

Those people? Those opportunities? That coccoon?

They just don’t fit anymore.

They’re no longer in alignment with the new level of YOU that you are at.

They’re from your past self, so peacefully release them into the past.

Don’t carry such heavy burdens on your shoulders.

Don’t wear those shoes anymore. You have wings now, where you once had feet!

So, stop playing small. Your playing small is holding the entire universe back from doing what God Has Designed it to do…to do what it loves to do…to Give…so it can Live.

When Life swaps out the old for the new puzzle, don’t force pieces from your past & then question why you suffer. That IS why you suffer.

Stop forcing the past to stay. Stop resisting your own abundance.

It’s time to peacefully move on to your next stage of life, your new existence.

My beayoutiful, darling butterfly:

Your peace is in l e t t i n g g o.

Release, at p e a c e. In alignment with the present, with You.

There are new people, places and projects for them, and for you…that are in alignment with the moment.

Choose the path of least resistance.

Embrace the moment.

“…If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what has been taken from you, and He will forgive you, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Quran: al-Anfal: 70]

You’re on your way to The Real You, The Highest Version of Your Self. The True You that has purified itself of ego.

The self that is…in total submission… to The Source. Of All. Existence.

In a state of Islam…to Allah, Alone.

So when you get the keys to the new kingdom, don’t hold on to the past you…shed your coccoon (glee)FULLY to own your wings and SHINE your light to ALL the worlds, baby!

And when thoughts and relationships and projects that were once in alignment now get released, LET THEM GO.

You don’t fit them anymore, and they don’t fit you anymore. It’s time to move on, onto the newest version of you…on the way to your True Self.

Don’t you hold on to anything, or anyone for a second longer than your heart tells you to.

This is the path to your greatest fulfillment and abundance in life.

This is the path to eternal peace.

May Allah Make it easy for you, and for me.


With pure Love and a heart full of gratitude,

Dr. Peace

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