Can I Be Vulnerable With You?

May peace be in your heart wherever you are, my special human, you!

Can I be vulnerable with you?

I want to share an absolutely crazy experience I had with my skin a few days ago. One morning, I woke up with a patch of dry skin next to my eye. Since I had cleaned up my diet, my skin was essentially a non-issue. What had once been my worst nightmare…oh, that wonderful time when I had a wedding to attend with a giant zit on my face…was SOLVED. Man, I could feel my soul dancing.

That’s why it was even weirder when I touched my face last week and felt my eyes burning. Allergies? I thought…Hmm…

Of course, you probably know by now how much I like to play detective. Whipping out my inner Nancy Drew, I tried to think if I had eaten anything new. Was it the little bit of rice I ate on a special occasion?! (I vowed to stay away from rice unless it’s like a party or something…) Combing through my meals, I sniffed out a few possible culprits.

Over the next few days, I tried cutting out roti and afghani bread, thinking it was their kasoor. (Urdu for fault:))

When that didn’t work, I did what always got me results: I made a prayer.

My Beloved Lord, can you please Heal me with Your Loving Hands just like you fixed me up before? Please grant me silky smooth skin, my Lord. Ameen.



A day or two passed by, and I had a strange inkling…a gut feeling, some might say…to switch my toothpaste. (?!!!)

You see, I had started using this toothpaste (pictured below) instead of David’s or my go-to Sensodyne. But somehow, there always seemed to be something off about it…

A-ha!!! Caught you!

It turns out, this particular, seemingly innocent toothpaste that I had picked up from our local deli grocery store had a preservative called sodium benzoate in it.

Lo and behold! I switched to my regular Sensodyne, and the effect was instantaneous. My skin…was healed. I think it didn’t even take ten minutes for the effects to kick in!

Man, I really wish I listened to my gut sooner when it nudged me that something was off about this toothpaste. But that’s why I’m here now, sharing it with you, my beloved reader…be careful what you tooth-paste with :))

Apparently, sodium benzoate is one of the ingredients that trigger eczema in those of us with sensitive skin!

At the end of the “day,” my problem was joyfully solved..without too much pain..except an Aunty asking me if I was ok because the eczema made it look like I hadn’t really slept…and the keys were:

An earnest prayer to my Beloved Lord + Guided Action 😀

Those 2 keys will unlock every single door. It’s His Promise.

Do you struggle with skin issues, too? Have you changed up your diet yet? I would love to hear your story and answer your questions!

With Bucketloads of Light, Love & Gratitude,

Your Favorite Blogger…hehehe 🙂 (can I get away with this one? It’s my birthday month :P)

Motivational Mishi!

P.S. Oh man, it was such a catharsis pouring this out! I really need to re-start posting everyday, am-i-riiiii?!

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