Have You Really Progressed?

Dear Self,

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

True progress is not measured by how much wealth you accumulate, but by how much you have tamed your ego.

Have you made your desires your gods? Or have you sacrificed for the sake of your meeting with God?

The next time someone has a point of view radically different from yours, don’t make it about proving yourself right. Give up the argument if you feel the other person is unwilling to listen. Prioritize the relationship. Don’t prioritize your ego.

If a loved one gives you critical feedback, think of it as an opportunity to grow. Seeds always need the sun’s guidance to grow. Don’t think of it as an insult.

Get outside yourself and see it for what it really is…What is the truth of this situation? (Dr. Spencer Johnson’s Peaks and Valleys)

Die before you die, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised.

I finally understood what that meant in a situation where I really wanted to take the credit…in which I so wanted to prove me right.

Let go of your ego. It’s the heavyweight that’ll cloud you from the unveiling with God. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t hold grudges.

Be someone you would want to hang around…someone light, and full of energy, despite what struggles you faced….because of the struggles you overcame. Someone like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). What exalted character! The Quran itself bears witness.

Be light as a feather, and let go of your ego.

Take this new feather-light spirit for a test drive the next time there is a disagreement. How do you react? Do you get emotional? Do you start arguing back about how you’re right? Do you get major anxiety?

Then, my dear, there is still work to be done.

And our lives are a continual work in progress ❤

Sending so much love on this journey to a better self!

I am truly so grateful for you all…that’s my heart-talk, ok 🙂

With light,

Just Mishi

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