Always Act From A Place of Love

The eternal wisdom of Our Creator’s words, revealed over 1400 years ago, are now a predominant philosophy in the field of personal growth.

Where your intention goes, you go. So go from a place of love.

Gary Zukav on Marie Forleo

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Today, I want you to live more consciously. Be aware of the energy you are putting out into the world. Before you shout back at your partner in a heated argument over toothpaste, breathe. Are you being reactive?

Or are you relaxing and responding from a place of love?

And so, my new favorite saying is, “Don’t be reactive, be relaxive!” Yes, I made up that word, but you get the point 🙂

Your intentions are what change your energy vibrations. That, in turn, brings opportunities to your door. Your job is to intend from the deepest, most loving part of you. Make the right choice. Then, take initiative (“act”) with inspiration.

With this simple, yet profound philosophy echoed from the words of The Lord Himself, as well as His Messengers, you will witness your life changing around you.

Send a loving prayer to the guy stranded on the side of the highway, with flashing lights. We are stronger together.

Smile as you feel yourself relaxing when a driver cuts you off – don’t make it a battle of the ego.

In testing situations, imagine yourself reaching into the love, the light at your very core…and sprinkling rays of it everywhere you go.

What a beautiful worrrrrrllllllld! ❤

The final Messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), shared how intentions precede the actions in importance!

The sincerest intention is one that is rooted in pleasing Love Itself, Allah – The Cherisher of all the worlds!

With love x light x gratitude,

Just Mishi

P.S. Note to self: My three personality words are grateful, present and early!

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