You MUST Share What You Know

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

As I pored over the pages of Dr. Lipton’s Biology of Belief (one of my big 3 for today!), I was struck that he had a very similar journey to my own. It was the journey from separation to union.

Biologically, cells change in response to their environment; otherwise, they will die. They do something else with these adaptations, though, that’s really interesting.

They pass on these very important traits that they’ve learned to the next generation. Why? Because they were designed to give, to serve…even though they might not be around to see the impact. They were made to help other cells survive and thrive!

Allah (Arabic name for our one God) Does Not Create anything except with purpose and in truth. IQRA Dream’s pioneering way is to connect the dots between what we see at the subatomic level to the human being to the world and ultimately, to reality itself.

When we realize that our inside creates the outside environment, we begin to understand what the wise advised…to be the change. That is when we begin to experience true enlightenment.

We are one, from The One.

Just like cells and immune systems that pass on these survival tools to future generations, we MUST share what we know while we’re still alive! We must NOT be shy or afraid that no one will listen. We MUST decide to be messengers of our lives, our lessons, so that future generations will be well-equipped to lead.

Do what you were designed to do, what every cell in your body and every organ system is already doing. Cooperate, collaborate, and share what you’ve learned. Join the dance of unison with the universe.

Witness the unity of all there is, and be a witness to the Absolute Oneness of God, our Lord, Our Creator, Our Sustainer, Our Cherisher.

After all, we ourselves are “standing on the shoulders of giants before us.” (Newton)

We owe it to ourselves and to the world to be brave and to share.

The question is, will you lead the evolution of the human mind?

Or will you be just another cell that withers away into the dust?

The choice is yours, but there are consequences for all.

Choose wisely.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

P.S. I’m thinking of releasing either podcasts like these high-energy blog posts, or videos! What would you like to see, and what are some questions you have for me? I would love to hear your thoughts!!! ❤

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