How My Thoughts Healed Me

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Don’t ever forget the lesson of simple truths.

Try not to make things complicated. When you’re still, you can hear better 🙂

Also, I am sharing my top secret way of relieving any incoming symptoms using my thoughts.

Channeling extreme joy into my system, I laugh genuinely as I exclaim aloud, “I am getting an award for being the healthiest girl in the world!!!” I really feel the joy like I am actually receiving this trophy.

Make yourself extremely emotional as you think, feel and believe. Tears leakin’ out? Even better.

Then, for good measure, I imagine a humongous syringe of vitamin D shooting up into my chest and into my nose, POOFing all the bad stuff!

Did you know? Stroke patients who imagined flexing their hands were able to regain function in record time. Whoa. That’s some serious stuff!

It’s great to keep repeating this a few times a day depending on how you feel.

Also, you guys already know how I’m a huge believer in sound therapy. Sound has the power to create or destroy. Don’t loud sounds make your heart beat faster?!

With Allah’s Will, you can create that good health, an invaluable treasure!

Pray sincerely to Allah (Our One God) to heal you, and believe that He Already Has + be grateful in advance!

Play Surah Fatiha and read it out loud as it is the greatest sound therapy in the universe – Sent from The Creator Himself.

Play Ayatushifa as well as Manzil du’a on YouTube and just relax as you allow the vibrations to purify your entire system.

My students and I have used these tips to heal from colds, fevers and even potential zits!?

You have serious superpowers, dude. Don’t forget to tap into them and as always, be the change.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

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