The Truth is Simple

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Because our Creator Is All-Knowing, He Originated all the worlds with a special Source Code.

Because He Is also The Most Loving and The Most Generous, He Made sure everything was connected using that source code.

It would be obvious to all who went out earnestly searching for it.

That Source Code is Love. Without it, plants wouldn’t sprout up from the ground, against all odds.

Without it, baby birds would go to bed hungry each night as their parents took flight.

Without it, the sun would never shine on sinners and saints alike.

Love is at the core of it all. It’s the greatest, yet simplest scientific truth of all.

A baby can die without its mother’s love.

To open ourselves up to the love that’s already there, we need to clean the glass on the window.

To open ourselves up to God’s Love, we need to become love in everything we are…

Is it starting to make sense now? It’s like an algebraic equation. So simple, yet so ignored.

Human beings like to make things complicated.

Did you know? You can change a life with just a smile. It’s charity. (Prophet Muhammad (pbuh))

By embodying love ourselves, we will be able to connect with Love Itself, both in this world and for all eternity (Al-Akhira).

And we could all use a little more love ❤

With immense love x gratitude ,

Just Mishi

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