Instant Rewards Stunt Growth

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Has the sun ever risen over the horizon in a sudden flash?

Has night instantly blanketed the sky at dusk?

Has a seed ever sprouted into a tree overnight?

Has a caterpillar ever become a butterfly without a long, intense struggle?

Doesn’t it take nine whole months for a baby to come into this world?

It takes time to release the extra weight.

It takes time to build excellent habits.

It takes time to spread your brilliant ideas.

It takes time to build trust, to un-learn all that you were programmed with.

It takes a whole lifetime to finally come home, back to Allah!

Be patient. The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

Fast food is instant and it has zero nutritional value. Staying in bed and snoozing the alarm is instant and it keeps you stuck in your comfort zone. Binging on Netflix is instant, and it hurts way more than it helps. The morning after such an all-nighter, you really wish you hadn’t.

You ignore the root of the problem, and keep treating it at the surface level. Then, you get surprised (whaaaat?!) when you end up with the same results.

Humans value what they get with their efforts more. It’s way better for their growth, too. When you wait for something you want while working for it, it heightens the excitement factor. What’s instant is actually great in-stunting growth.

There are no overnight successes. Just humans, like you & I, who spent years and years chipping away at their art without anyone noticing…humans who were the only ones to cheer themselves on for what seemed to be forever…and suddenly, they became the biggest things on the planet.

It’s crazy, I don’t even know how this happened,” they will say about their wild successes…in total shock and humility.

All praise & thanks to our One God, Who Is The Most Generous. The One Who Recognizes and Rewards our efforts. Alhamdulillah.

Some Nobel Prize winners work on their ideas for decades before they get recognized.

Keep watering your plant with gratitude.

Remember that if what goes up must come down, the opposite is also true. Because everything created is in pairs. What goes down must come up. Like a wave…brain, heart or ocean…the patterns are just about the same. Like a seed, if you really want to succeed.

Keep basking it in the life-giving light of the sun, everyday. Even if you don’t see growth right away.

All great things take time. Be patient. Your time is coming. Remember the caterpillar struggling out of its cocoon, and be patient. Do not give up. Keep up the positive thinking. Keep practicing your excellent habits. Your time is coming.

The proof of your brilliant future is all around you…look up from your screen every once in a while to return nature’s (and Allah’s) loving embrace.

Open your eyes and go look outside. The sun has never left your side.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi ❤

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