How To Get Everything You Want

When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink. But when you try to sink, you float.

Alan Watts

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Thought experiment: Is a bottle of water in the ocean at one with it? Is it separate from the ocean?

Yes, it is separated from the ocean – even though this bottle has water inside of it…the same thing the ocean’s made up of.

What’s separating it?

A barrier…a wall of sorts. And what is that wall?

The bottle itself.

You have to get rid of the bottle for the water inside to connect with the vast ocean water.

Erase yourself, your lower physical self so that you can draw power from the Infinite Source of all there is – the Limitless Ocean of God.

Make your will and His Will One. Embrace Complete Unity with The One.

“Die before you die,” our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him has said.

There are so many lessons to be learned from the world around us.

When a non-swimmer like me gets in the water, we thrash around like crazy. Why? We think we’re going to drown if we don’t.

The more experienced, pro-swimmers have learned that it is only by letting go that one can float. To live, you must stop resisting.

When you resist, it hurts twice. You can’t change the outcome. That’s for sure. But you also make yourself suffer needlessly in the process.

When you surrender, hands up n’out like a starfish, you float. You achieve your desire, and you’re at total peace with all of existence.

You trust in a Higher Being, despite everything your logical mind tries to anchor your ankles to.

Has this backwards law ever let you down?

Think of breathing. When you try really hard to breathe, it becomes hard to breathe. When you let go, you breathe on your own.

When your path seems cloudy, think deeply about what you are holding on to. Is it wealth, children or fame? Is it fear, shame or insecurity? Is it a long-held grudge?

Whatever your anchor, the truth is it’s weighing you down from being you. And eventually, it will drown you. The honorable (and life-supporting) measure is to kick it down to the ocean floor, where it belongs.

So, my dear friends, the key to mastering life, to achieving everything you have always wanted, to peace that never leaves…is letting go.

Stop resisting. Remember: The outcome will not change, no matter what you do.

But, when you trust in & surrender to the flow of the water, you experience the reality of who you really are.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

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