Are You an Enlightened Caretaker?

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Today, my dear mom asked me to help her water our plants. She filled up the bright orange Home Depot bucket to the brim with our green garden hose. (Acting like I had muscles) I steered it towards our lovely peach tree.

“Just throw the whole bucket in the soil,” Mama advised.

Mulling it over, I decided it would overwhelm the wee plant if all of the riches rained down at once!

Remembering that love makes things grow and bloom (while hatred kills), we gently sprinkled bowls of spring water around the tree. We spoke to our plants, reassuring them that we would take care of them. Before we left for the day, Mama added, “If you need anything, just let us know.” LOL!

Just imagine, if we had thrown the entire bucket of water onto the plant at once, it may have drowned under the weight.

Our intention was to give it everything all along. However, because we had the best interest of our beautiful peach tree in our hearts, we emptied out the water gradually.

The wisdom behind Divine Decree is best understood through the lens of love.

It reminded me of Allah. The Ultimate Caretaker of all the worlds.

We all start out as helpless, tiny little seeds. Seemingly insignificant, if it weren’t for the honor Gifted to us by our Lord. Agreed?

Then, with His Infinite, Unconditional Love, we sprout up from the ground, against all odds (aka gravity!).

Soon enough, we become entire trees on our own, with yummy ripe fruits bursting from our leaves.

We are both farmers and seeds, creators and creation…

We feel humility at our origins…and empowered when we choose to take care of each other, and of the earth.

All praise and thanks to The Someone who is taking care of us all along. Someone who makes us independent of all others but Him.

I bet you just fell in Love. There’s no turning back now 🙂 I’ll put up the Rumi & Iqbal starter pack ASAP…Lord-Willing (in sha Allah).

On a related note, parents may not know the pattern of each flower or exactly how tall the tree will be. That is not their job.

Their job is simply to cultivate the plant(s) they are given, to give it the tools it needs to thrive…to honor it and enable it to be on its own one day…generously giving shade to the world.

P.S. Remember the primary functions of plants – to give shade and juicy fruits for all who pass it by and to sow seeds…of Love, of course!

With immense love x serious gratitude,

Just Mishi

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