How to Lose Weight So You Can Fly II

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Disclaimer: This is my story, and my research. However, this statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Remember that our physical existence is intimately connected to the mental and spiritual parts of us.

The comfort of the body is in eating less, the comfort of the soul is in sinning less and the comfort of the tongue is in speaking less.

Ibn Al Qayyim (RA)

Lack of proper nutrition is such a prevalent problem in our communities, even with the most credentialed amongst us!

We have doctors that are at risk of so many preventable diseases due to their fast-paced, nutrient-poor lifestyle.

This topic is personal for me. Over the past two years, I have successfully lost over 30 pounds…it was definitely that freshmen “15” x 2 from under-grad. Bright city nights, restaurant hopping with the girls, I was completely ignorant of what I was putting into my body.

Of the mental and spiritual consequences of this junk food.

I used to think that a 100-calorie packaged snack was the healthiest thing. That low-fat would make you thin in an instant. That juicing and tea-toxing was a quick weight loss game.

My days and nights were spent poring over weight loss stories, watching endless YouTube videos, searching for that miracle product that would change it all.

I tried every diet under the sun. Keto, low-fat, low-carb, high-fiber, GG crackers (never again), and even the water-only diet (never again in sha Allah). That last one left me dizzy and helpless, upside down on the couch the entire weekend.

Also, the tea-tox pretty much nearly poisoned me.

So you get the idea of how badly I wanted this. It was a direct reflection of my discipline, and I craved change.

I knew I could do better.

Remember, when you start walking on the way, the way appears. (Rumi)

Fast forward, I kind of stumbled into a weight loss program that would turn my life around.

That program was…

A lifestyle.

Little habits, like not eating until 3pm, having two meals a day maximum, investing in a HydroFlask 64oz led me to discovering my own organic, whole food recipes and launching an organic, sustainably-sourced food business (Pure5Bar)!

In its first month this past Ramadan, it was able to build a water well in Nigeria. Alhamdulillah. Real food to heal for a real cause.

I’m going to share my everyday routine (for weight loss/overall health) here, to you, for free. So pay attention:

Wake up – 3pm: Sip-sipping on 64oz Hydroflask full of purified water with gratitude (watch The Secret of Water on prime)

3pm: Miracle yogurt with our Pure5 Super Seed Blend, full of fiber & protein, healthy fats & low in carbs

Keep sipping on water. What are you grateful for? Reflect on it. Write it down.

5pm: Chai time! If you’re ok with dairy, use grass-fed organic milk along with chai confection, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon + black tea. Add in a pinch of saffron for a natural mood-booster.

6pm: Dinner time! Yesss. Air-fry some organic broccoli and baby carrots at 360F at 7-min or a lil’ extra to make it crispy. That’s my bopcorn & copcorn, dude!

Give that wild salmon from Costco a rub-down with Costco spice blend, salt and lemon juice.

Pop it in the oven at 375F for 17 minutes. There’s your protein source! Change it up with the veggies if you’d like and the “meat” – this is my go-to easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy meal prep! No excuses.

End off with some green tea (de-caf if it gets to you) + gratitude. Pray throughout your day, and end off with deep breathing in a calm atmosphere: both inside and out. Candles, clean room, white noise – set yourself up for success, relax, zero stress!

Great sleep does wonders for your skin & weight loss too, in my opinion!

Over time, my stomach shrank. It no longer craved fake foods even at parties. My self-esteem rose. It was like the butterfly shaking off it’s wings and getting ready to fly!

After reading Mark Hyman’s Food Fix, once more, I realized that it’s all connected.

What’s good for the earth is good for us. What’s good for us is great for the earth.

Organic food, regardless of everything, is ideal for us and our planet…to help it heal.

This is what launched our Pure5Bar revolution! If you say it fast enough, it’s “fibarrr!”

‘Cuz yes, natural fiber does actually help relieve your body of waste…one of the most common problems in the U.S.

More on this tomorrow! Excited to share some personal stories with you of how real food literally helped me write a real book in s…i…x days!?! Stay tuned 🙂 Lord Willing.

With immense love x gratitude,

Just Mishi

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