Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest Isn’t Real

The lamps are different, but the Light is the same. One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind, endlessly emanating all things.


Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Have you ever heard of redwood trees?

Yup, these bad boys right here!

Or rather…my undeniable proof for all of you who think life is one big competition.

The weak ones don’t survive ‘cuz they’re holding everyone else back. It’s their fault.

The strong ones deserve to survive and thrive ‘cuz they work hard for their money (?!). Or they just got lucky and won the genetic lottery.

Um, first of all…in my years and years of research & experience, there is no such thing as luck. And what-a-coincidence ain’t real. You heard it here first ^_^

It’s actually all about energy. You are what you attract, and you have the power to change that.

Secondly, this survival-of-the-fittest mentality is really regressive thinking, if you ask me.

Weren’t the strong ones once helpless, weak babies who required nursing from their mamas to breathe another day?

And what makes someone weak, anyway? The fact that they were born into poverty, or can’t afford to pay their bills?

What if that same person always swallows his anger for the sake of God? Are they still doomed to be cut out of the human genome?

Or is it the strong one’s fault?

Before we socratically answer that, here’s a curveball:

Do you know what’s so special about redwood trees? Before you google it, I want you to build this mindset:

You…live in a metaphor. This entire world? It’s a metaphor for your existence. Everything outside, the condition of the earth, the plants, the animals…is directly related to what’s inside of you.

Nature is bursting with examples – signs to make you reflect, think deeply and connect with something beyond this universe.

To make you realize your own superpower.

Now that we have this down, I’ll share something that changed my life forever. Being born into a first-generation immigrant household, I always believed that you should be one step ahead of your competition.

Number #1 is the most important title. It’s a crazy contest out there and you won’t make it unless you beat everyone else. That’s how you win the game.

Until I realized it’s not.

California redwood trees are the tallest trees in the entire world. How do they get to such seemingly impossible heights, so close to the stars, whispering intimately with the heavens?

They stick together. Their roots are intertwined. If a drought befalls the land, the water one tree has conserved is shared with all of the other trees. If a violent storm threatens their existence, they hold hands tightly, united as one, and not a single one falls.

Why do we say the famous phrases…United we stand, Divided we fall?

Because that’s how redwoods are the “kings of the forest” – the #1 reason for their surviving and thriving is that they make one another’s survival #1.

Read that again. It may be one of the most important sentences you absorb into your being. It sure was for me!

When it dawned over me that we are only as strong as each other, it was a eureka moment.

Then, I put it into practice and witnessed that every time I sacrificed a desire of mine to serve a fellow human being, opportunities arose for me out of the blue!

So, I got stronger as I served my beautiful humans and strived to show them how they could be strong, too!

What a beautiful symbiosis. What a beautiful world with such brilliant metaphysical laws that govern our lives. We are truly in this together.

Our purpose in life should revolve around serving one another, without any expectation except from Allah (God).

It is the purest form of love and joy, I promise you. Tried and tested.

Ooh, and also! We are all “feeding” from a collective consciousness. You know that saying we love…standing on the shoulders of giants before us?

That’s literal truth, too. Without those who sacrificed their lives for us, to bring us new ideas, languages, artwork, literature and even, our faith…even the strongest amongst us would be…nothing.

To salute our heroes of the past, we must pay it forward. Not maybe, not one day, but now.

If the weakest amongst us becomes stronger, our collective consciousness elevates…it rises to the next level and we all feed from that pool, to grow and evolve into better versions of ourselves – for one another. For the Unity we all descend from. For our One True God (Allah = Arabic Name for God).

So, the next time your neighbor asks for help in a sticky situation, or you hear of a storm in a far-away land, remember that we are one.

The harmony you see in the world and inside of you is a direct result of unity in everything. It’s all connected.

United we stand, divided we fall.

In God we trust.


If you want to go fast, go aloneIf you want to go fargo together.” —African Proverb

Writing this has made me love you all so much more.

With immense gratitude x light,

Just Mishi

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