When You’re Confused…

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Right now, I just finished sweatin’ it out on le treadmill.

Having no expectations going in, I put on my YouTube (Majed Mahmoud’s Tricks of Shaytan) and just went for it!


Somehow, 20+ minutes passed by in the blink of an eye. As for me, I felt…nothing short of euphoria.

I went in with a headache, and came out with absolute, earth-shattering clarity about a decision. Like a revelation.

I feel soooo good. Can you feel it, too?

So, my beautiful friend…

The next time you feel confused, you have a choice to make, you need a little break from that big ol’ headache –

Don’t wait, sweat it out & celebrate. Life’s short, it’s not too late. Go. Be the captain of your own fate (God-Willing).

With boatloads of Love x Light,

Just Mishi

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