Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True With This

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Reflections are seriously under-rated.

Take 5 minutes to sit down and journal in a dedicated notebook. Want that Nobel Prize, that ideal job, the secret recipe, the financial freedom, the opportunity to change the lives of millions for the better? Write it down.

See, something special…or shall I say, spiritual, happens when you write stuff down. Especially goals. It’s like you’re fiddling with the fabric of space-time – literally.

The #1 advice that has changed my life and allowed me to do meaningful work I love everyday while not worrying about finances is…

Being grateful in advance for everything I want to happen. For every single one of my goals. This was Oprah’s advice as well

I am so grateful I won the Nobel Peace Prize for building self-sustaining, socially responsible and health-oriented communities in developing countries, successfully eliminating poverty in much of the world.

Visualize the dress (or tux!) you’ll wear on that stage. Feel the rush of emotions. Oh, cry me a river!

As you elevate your energy to match the energy of your dream, keep changing yourself for the better by dropping bad habits + adding good ones, gradually you’ll notice everything around you has…changed. The people, the places, the stage!

And there you’ll be, realizing that it wasn’t about the prize all along…it was about the impact. It was about discovering the truth and sharing it with the world, fearlessly.

“The Nobel Peace Prize goes to (your name)…” They’ll announce in their proper Swedish accents…and shyly, you’ll make your way to graciously accept the award.

Money that you will invest into your projects…recognition that will connect you to an even wider network of helpers. In sha Allah…God-Willing!

Just remember, it always begins with gratitude.


Just Mishi

P.S. Don’t forget to be grateful and do your daily thank-yous for what you already have, while you envision and work for that beautiful future for the world.

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