When You Miss A Golden Opportunity

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

My curiosity propels me to dive into the deepest of oceans and find…only the truth.

When I discover something that claims to be ‘life-changing’, I experiment and apply it to my own life.

Then, when it miraculously works for me, I share it with the world to be freeee! (that rhymes…poetry is truly the language of the soul, dude!)

OK, so the point here is – I’ve personally confirmed that energy is everything. You’ll see some really cool posts coming up on light, sound and E=mc^2. Anyway

As I put this post together, I am sharing energy with ya’ll. And you’ll give me that energy with your feedback 🙂

If an opportunity is meant for you, and your energy did not match it, it will pass you- like a stop on the train!

But, because of Our Creator’s Infinite Generosity, what goes around, comes around! The earth is round, constantly spinning…

So, do not despair! When your energy matches this dream of yours, the opportunity (in your best interests for your character development) will find you.

What you seek is seeking you…a.k.a. the original ‘law of attraction’: you attract what you are!

So, my dearest friend, keep working on that inner glow and glowing people, places and things will move in…right next door 😉

Love & Gratitude,

Just Mishi

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