Embodying Gratitude to Make it Big

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

Looking back on my life, with all the struggles, the hi-highs and the lo-lows…

My heart is literally bursting with gratitude. And so, I write…

I am so grateful for my hands with which I type this note…with which I brushed my teeth this morning, with which I ate my yummy watermelon cubes…with which I close the door, or turn the faucet on…with which I tuck myself into bed every night, under the soft pink covers…

Man, I’m so in love with my hands LOL. Can you tell?! :’)

I mean, which prosthetic can ever do what a human hand does, given to us for free by The One Who Designed us?

I am so grateful to have a safe home when millions fear the next airstrike.

I am so, so incredibly grateful for my parents, who are both alive.

I am so grateful I have eyes to see the light of my Most Beautiful, Most Loving, Most Generous Lord. My Allah.

I am so grateful for my two legs with which I can walk freely, without any dependence.

I am so grateful to do what I love and to have such beautiful, awe-inspiring friends and big sisters!

I am so grateful to have a shot, dude…a chance at this thing called life…to make a difference, to put a smile on a precious child’s face…to live, to love, to matter.

Oh, and man, I am SO grateful for books!!! And YouTube…and Tom Bilyeau, Brendon Burchard…Oprah Winfrey and Marie Forleo and all of these uhhh-mazing, incredible humans that are not afraid to be different, to break free from the mold, to carve out their own legacies. #FreeEducation

Gratitude = increase in blessings. It’s a simple formula. I remember hearing Oprah saying it changed her life when she started practicing her 5 thank-yous everyday. That reminds me, this universal law has been stated in the Quran, revealed over 1400 years ago ❤

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.’” (Quran 14:7)

Important to note here, Allah (God) Did not say …”If you deny (are ungrateful), I will punish you severely…”

He simply reminded us of the perks of gratitude directly connected to the increase in favors.

However, He Did Create everything in pairs, and humans choose pleasure or pain for themselves.

The choice is yours. What will you decide?

Love & Gratitude,

Just Mishi

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