The Secret to Self-Confidence

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! The secret’s out.

If you want to make yourself more confident, make a promise to…you.

Then, keep it.

Then, repeat.

Keeping your promises to yourself, and then celebrating those small (and big!) wins is the sure-fire key to self-confidence.

After watching the Ed Mylett episode on Impact Theory, I became grateful…but in a different way.

I became grateful to Allah (God) for Graciously Allowing me achieve a small goal I set.

Whether it’s only eating after 3pm, drinking 64oz of water or no more rice…my heart is bursting with gratitude that I actually did it! By God’s Infinite Grace.

Start small, and make steady progress.

Go the extra mile. Instead of 64oz, get to 67oz. Do 17 minutes instead of just 15 in the gym.

It’s these “atomic habits” that will help build your confidence. It’s these “atomic habits” that will help build your legacy.

If the formula for success is missing one part, your effort, it won’t yield results. Simple math.

So get up, do the work, be more confident.

Finally, dedicate your life to helping others see that they can do it, too.

Time on earth is precious, and time on earth is short.

Let’s make this world a better place by bettering ourselves – everyday. Boost your confidence with this simple practice today.

P.S. Did the formula work?! Looking forward to your comments 🙂


Just Mishi

Link to Impact Theory Episode! Love Tom B.’s episodes.

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