How to Lose Weight and Fly!

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being! It’s me again 🙂 We’re meeting each other pretty often these days – oh wait, it’s literally everyday…Muahahaha! So let’s begin.

This past Ramadan, I was blessed to be able to do a solitary retreat – a 1:1 with God for about 9 days. It was…life-changing, to say the least. When I began socializing with my family on the night before Eid, it felt like I came down from Paradise onto the earth. Even now, I cry – missing those breathtaking nights when I never felt alone.

The key to unlocking who you truly are – the light that lights the worlds – is dropping the mask of the ego. Lose that weight, baby!

It is a life-long struggle. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) called it the greater jihad (such a misinterpreted Arabic word that actually means struggle) to fight against your lower self…your base desires, your ego.

Everyone…every single creature on earth who has ever hurt you…let them free.

Drop your ego and forgive them, without expectation.

Drop your ego and forgive them, for the sake of Allah (the one & only God of all the worlds).

Guess what’ll happen next?

The secret formula for human flight will be revealed to…you.

When you breathe out, the first one who benefits from releasing the air is who? You.

Let it go. Let it all go.

Then, make sure to share the secret with me! Obviously 🙂

We are truly all in this together. I love reading your comments and messages! If there’s anything you’d like to share, feel free to email me at:

A self growth + “weight loss” coaching service is on the horizon – my ultimate dream is to motivate people around the world to unlock the infinite potential within! Stay tuned for updates – in sha Allah (God Willing!) :)))

P.S. After personal reflection, I strongly believe the Allama Iqbal poem that’s famously touted by south-Asian parents world-wide to advocate for higher education, graduate school, etc. is talking about letting go of your ego.

Becoming like a bird.

Not anchoring yourself to the ground with any material weights. It is only then that you will truly become the miraculous human being you were always born to be!


Just Mishi

Your Ordinary Human Girl

One response to “How to Lose Weight and Fly!”

  1. Love that you’re posting more often! Keep it up, today’s post is very inspiring. You’re right the real weight we should loose is spiritually and then everything else naturally follows subhanAllah!


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