The book that will change your life is…

Where learning begins…

May Peace follow you everywhere, you beautiful human being!

Let’s start with a quick story ‘cuz that’s how we do.

I’ll give you a minute to grab your green tea and snuggle up. Psssst…make sure to sweeten with natural honey, not sugar! It’s healthier…and tastier.

Cozy now? OK, let’s begin.

When I was an itty bitty girl not too long ago, my mama would take me every week to my favorite place in the whole wide world – the Flushing Library. That is when I first fell in love with books.

It is this love of books that led me to publishing poetry as early as the 5th grade. The same love of books is why everyone I know (and their brother…) asks me to give their essays that finishing touch – whether it’s for a school paper or an admissions essay for residency (the first real job for graduating medical students).

And also, it was that love of books that made me a kid expert on the lives of the most notorious serial killers in history. I was a huge Ann Rule fan. Moving on…

As great as all those “accomplishments” sound, guess what? There came a point in my life, during college, when I stopped reading. *Pause to let audience gasp.*

Of course, I still read Yeats and Keats, Whitman, Poe and Hughes. I pored over the intricate works of Tolstoy, Kafka and Dostoyevsky. I even learned how to pronounce all of their names correctly – a major accomplishment, might I add…


I didn’t read for fun anymore. That same girl who stayed up past curfew, long into the night, to read Harry Potter with a flashlight under the covers…disappeared. Poof.

And they say college is supposed to encourage creativity…

Not going to blame anyone but myself, though. Remember? No excuses.

Recently, something changed. Before the full Awakening 2.0 hit me, I stopped by a Barnes and Noble. Instead of spending money eating out that day, I chose to invest in a few fiction books. I missed that feeling of being lost in all my imaginary worlds…

Before, I would tell myself I didn’t have the time to read. Now, I push myself to make the time. To create that time. You are your own limit, after all.

For your kind information: Being a member of the 5AM Success Club is a huge reason I am able to read to my heart’s desire, on most days. When I’m not up as early, I just can’t find that quality of time later in the day. The best feeling is when I walk AND read, both at the same time. This way, I get so much closer to my new 15K steps goal AND expand my mind. Two for the price of one – score! I stop every now and then to highlight and take notes, though, which is a MUST.

Going Back to the story…

Along the way, there came a point when I transitioned from fiction books like The Stolen Marriage to my first ever self-help book: The Power of Resilience. This happened shortly after I created my instagram page for change – a way to hold myself accountable in front of the world at-large.

This particular book had been gifted to me by a wonderful mentor, over six months prior to this ground-breaking event. Yet, I never chose to invest the time for it.

After reading a couple of pages, I left it to gather dust on my nighstand. That’s figuratively speaking, by the way. I am OCD when it comes to cleanliness. Anyway…

For the first time in my life, I didn’t think, “Oh I failed so many times, what’s the point of trying anymore?”

I threw those self-limiting beliefs in the trash-can where they belonged and moved on.

When I picked up this book with a fertile mind, it was as if I was reading it for the first time. I could physically feel new connections being made in my brain.

This book was the gateway to my self-help journey.

Never forget: What you seek is seeking you.

OK Mish…sooooo inspiring. What should I DO, though? What happens next?

I am going to share with you the #1 Book that will change your life, TODAY. And a couple of others when you are done with the first. For free, of course! 🙂

If they help me, they can definitely help you.

And if I positively impact even a single soul (that includes myself!), I will have achieved my life’s goal.

Infinite potential lies within every one of us.

Just keep in mind that NO BOOK will help you until you unleash that potential and HELP YOURSELF.

Take the first step.

So here it is (in order of purchase):

  1. No Excuses (Perfect Starter Book) by Brian Tracy
  2. 7 Secrets to Wealth and Happiness by The OG – Jim Rohn. *Pages 31-37 are PURE GOLD.*
  3. The Jim Rohn Guide to Time Management A teeny-tiny book. You can finish in under an hour. Can you tell I’m a huge Jimmy fan?!
  4. Quit Like a Millionaire: No Gimmicks, Luck, or Trust Fund Required Amazing examples from someone who came out on top after an incredibly harsh life.
  5. A MUST-HAVE for women by a female tycoon: Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman

Tony Robbins says that “complexity is the enemy of execution.” So, I’m not going to bore you with an endless list.

If there’s one book you should start with, pick #2 on the list and get reading!

BTW, here is the full audio link to my #1 pick for motivation + action: 7 Secrets to Wealth and Happiness.

Looking back, Jim Rohn would be my initial pick, then I’d move onto Brian Tracy for reinforcement. Jim Rohn has practical tips to help you take action and change your life TODAY. Make sure you do the exercise for goal-setting!

That reminds me, have you started your *journal* yet?

Alright, gotta go – peace!!!

Sweet Dreams,

Just Mishi

-Your Ordinary Human Girl

P.S. I’ll link more audiobooks this weekend so you can listen on the go, no excuses. Also, I leave Sunday night for my trip – woohoo!!!

3 responses to “The book that will change your life is…”

  1. I was trying to find #2 on audible a week ago, but now I’m motivated to order it! Can’t wait to start! I’m glad there’s a time management one in there too will definitely check that one out! Thanks for this post 💕 the journaling idea has always been in the back of my head since your first post but this was good reminder lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so glad it helped!!! I just linked the full FREE audio to Jim Rohn’s book 🙂 Apply and enjoy – it’s such a treat!


  3. Thank you for sharing these books! I started listening to the audio book for ‘Now Excuses’ and can’t stop now. Never knew self-help books could be this interesting and motivating. Can’t wait to read them all!!!


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