The Recipe for Lasting Joy

Peace be upon you, beyoutiful people of the world!

Today, I rediscovered true joy.

It was not in buying that gorgeous flamingo pink dress, for sure. Neither was it in indulging my inner foodie.

Today, I found love by sharing it with someone else. By passing on a smile, by sharing words of love.

By uplifting my fellow human. By not wanting anything in return but The Pleasure of The Most High. That is how we unveil a joy that lasts.

You see, everything in our physical world is fleeting. Moments soaked in feelings…that have lodged deep inside our hearts…last forever.

So, as this crazy whirlwind of a year comes to a close, let’s open ourselves up to infinite blessings by sharing goodness with others.

Even if it’s “just” a kind word, as Rasulullah (saw) advised us. You don’t know whose life you will transform.

And on this blessed journey, you’ll retrieve the treasure everyone’s been looking for: peace.


With a million thanks to my Lord & to you,

Motivational Mishi

This is YOUR Sign.

Peace be upon you, beyoutiful glittery human being!

This is your sign to let go of all attachments but God.

This is your sign to let go of the ground, little caterpillar and soar to the sky, like a bird or a butterfly!

To spread your wings and fly so high, light as a feather in all of life’s colorful weather.

This is your sign that everything you can imagine, everything you dream of, everything you can believe in will most definitely happen, if…

You listen to your heart. You have the intention to make it work, no matter what. You make no excuses.

That’s when Allah, The Opener, Opens up the doors of the universe for you.

YOU become a co-creator, a mortal metaphor to the reality of absolute perfection, The Ultimate Creator.

Your thoughts create reality.

Choose to let things go.

When things go totally against your way, and you still submit to The Perfect Will of The All-Knowing, I promise…

What you want will happen anyway.

Yesterday, we were stuck for what seemed to be forever, at the front door of our home, unable to lock the door and leave.

Simply put, the key didn’t fit.

After some time, I was inspired to submit to Allah’s Will. I consciously decided that it would be ok even if we were going to stay home. Then, the miracle happened.

As instantaneously as I released that thought of submission, the key fit into the literal lock of our front door .. a key which previously seemed out of place!

Allahu Akbar! La ilaaha ilAllah!

And this is one of the many epic reasons why my upcoming Ted Talk will be discussing in 18-minute detail about how Submission IS The Theory of Everything. In sha Allah!

I’m onto something here, folks, I can feel it!!!

Have you tried surrendering therapy? In a physical, psychological or spiritual way? How has it worked for you? What are your limitations, if any, that you’re aware of?

I would love to hear your comments/questions in the comments below! What would YOU like to see next?! A YouTube video or a podcast?!

With so much L♥️VE & gratitude,

Motivational Mishi 💕😊💕

Self-Awareness Is The Key That Will Unlock Your Dreams

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being, you!

Let’s dive right in.

Self-awareness. What is it?

Drop the fear. Become aware. Acknowledge your weaknesses.

Did you just get jealous of your best friend when he landed the job you really wanted?

Admit it. Don’t lie to yourself. Tell the truth about what you feel.

When you admit that you have a sickness, that itself becomes the cure.

Get the heck out of your own way.

When we drop the masks and rise! When we toss aside all the beautiful lies! We will come to realize! The sun has never, ever left our side…

The sun of your inner reality is hidden until you become aware of the veil that stands between you and it.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Self-awareness is exactly that. Don’t run away from the veil. Admit it and unveil your true Self. Unveil Limitless, Unconditional Love.

You’ve seen what awaits you. So, what are you waiting for?

With Love and Heartfelt Gratitude,

Motivational Mishi

Life Changing Tip to TRANSFORM Your Relationships FOREVER

Peace be upon you, beautiful, glittery human YOU!!! 

Here’s your *top secret* life-changing tip of the day!

When I started this, I felt like I had entered a new reality in which my relationships were flowing peacefully like a River, for the most part.

Soon, there came a time in which I could no longer even SEE anything to complain about in our relationship. All my eyes could see was…

L ♥️ V E.

You see, our brain is a muscle, and muscles can grow, with consistent reps.

It turns out that I had trained my brain (reticular activating system tbh), to focus on the good. And so, the good kept growing and growing and …

G R O W I N G.

It grew so much that I was bursting with love. I was overflowing with the deepest feeling of gratitude.

These positive feelings energized every sphere of my life, Alhamdulillah. My life was at peace, like heaven on earth. This practice changed me forever.

So, what was it, after all?

KISS. Keep It Simple, Smarty! ✅

Now, here goes:…

Make it a habit, or even a tradition like we did, to share 3 things you appreciate about your person (mom, dad, bro, sis, significant other, coworker, friend, etc.)

Remember the numba’ 3. It’s so easy. And your life will neva, eva! Be the same. For the better, In sha Allah!

“If you are grateful, I Will Surely Increase you in favor.” (Quran 14:7)

Have you tried gratitude in your relationships?

How did it transform you? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments below 😀

With loads of love AND gratitude,

Motivational Mishi!!!

The Limitless Power of Prayer

Peace be upon you! You beautiful human, you! Hehe :’)

Sooo… we just traveled across the 7 seas and I’m telling you: prayer changed the game for us.

Every time we would get stuck, think we lost something, get held up, our hands would turn to the heavens.

In a very uncertain time for us when everything was out of our control, we witnessed the truly Unlimited Generosity of The Most High.

Of Allah, our Beloved, our Best Friend.

We would beseech Allah, pleading that only He Never Let us down, and He Promised:

Tears well up in my eyes when I remember His Generosity.

This verse from the Quran, the final revelation in the Eternal Words of God Himself, accurately captures what I’m feeling:

Allahu Akbar! Truly Allah Is Greater than everything else.

It was an earnest plea to Al Mujeeb, The One Who Always Responds, that put the toddler behind us to sleep…and The Most Merciful Gifted my mom with a peaceful plane ride.

It was an earnest plea to Ar Rahmaan, The Most Merciful, that literally warped space time for us so a nearly 12 hour plane ride seemed like it was no more than a couple hours’ journey!

It was an earnest plea to Al-Hafiz, The Guardian and Protector of Everything, that safely returned our hand-carry luggage and my Mac & Huda Beauty powder (lol!) to us.

Every time I would pray, I would sacrifice something for Allah’s Sake. Big or small.

Whatever your heart says, offer it up, and your beautiful wish will come true, when it’s best for you!

It’s HIS Promise, not mine. And I swear on my life, HE Is The Only One Who Always Keeps His Promise.

SubhanAllah. Alhamdulillah. Allahu Akbar!

It was a heartfelt prayer to Ar Razzaaq and Al Wadood, The Most-Loving, The Provider of all the worlds, that granted us a deliciously healthy vegetarian sandwich with my favorite pumpkin seeds so I could feel taken care of and so deeply loved.

(I had gotten my teeth whitened and I was advised to stay away from pigmented foods!! So yes, I was low-key hi-key, ALLLL-keys STARVING.)

It was an earnest plea to Al Kareem, The Most Generous, that led us to receiving our luggage at His Perfect Timing, all at once…right when we were about to give up!

Oh my God. And the list goes on and on.

And all good IS Truly from Allah.

And the shortcomings are from our ego, our nafs, our false self.

My Beloved Master, Caretaker, and Endless Gift Giver, The Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer of all that exists, please.

I beg you to pardon our shortcomings with Your Special Pardon. I beg you to make us from among Your Chosen Friends.


It was so intimate, conversing with Him beneath my mask. When it was only Him & I.

And HE Is Truly all we need. His Is The Language of our heartbeat:

Al-lah. Al-lah. Al-lah.

Overflowing with gratitude cannot come close to describing how I feel right now.

We can do nothing to deserve The Generosity of Al Ghaniyy, The One Above All Need.

Even if we spent our whole lives bowed, with our heads on the ground to Him.

So what do we do?

Say Alhamdulillah from the heart. Express pure gratitude for you are swimming in the ocean of His Endless favors. All praise and thanks IS for Him, alone. So use those favors in the way most pleasing to Him.

And when you’re confused, ask Him to show you how. Literally! Alhamdulillah! Ma sha Allah! TabarakAllah!

Let go and let God. Stop trying to control anything and everything. Let His Perfect plan unfold.

And what then? You’ll find everything your heart ever craved AND the peace you searched the 7 seas for.

You’ll find Paradise on earth. It’s that simple.

Speechless with emotion,

Motivational Mishi

P.S. Yes, I’m over 24 hours sleep-deprived, but a commitment is a commitment and this piece comes straight from the heart.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 and as always, I would LOVE your feedback! What do YOU want to hear about?!

P.P.S. Stay tuned for the most interesting conversation I had on a plane this Thursday, in sha Allah!

When You’re Overwhelmed with Gifts, Don’t Forget…

The original Gift-Giver. Allah. Al-Wahhab.

You can never do anything to deserve His Infinite Generosity. Because He Is Also Al-Wadood. The One Who Shows His Love by Giving.

The Prophet (saw) said:

يَمِينُ اللَّهِ مَلْأَى لَا يَغِيضُهَا سَحَّاءُ اللَّيْلَ وَالنَّهَارَ أَرَأَيْتُمْ مَا أَنْفَقَ مُذْ خَلَقَ السَّمَاءَ وَالْأَرْضَ فَإِنَّهُ لَمْ يَغِضْ مَا فِي يَمِينِهِ

The hand of Allah is full and it is not diminished by continuous spending night and day. Do you not see that He has been spending since the creation of the heavens and the earth, and it has not decreased anything in His hand?

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 7411, Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi

This time of year is very special, because there is so much love shared among family and friends…a precious time to bond and create the most beayoutiful memories.

While you’re celebrating your lives and your loves, make sure to express gratitude to The First and The Last, The Ultimate Gift-Giver. Allah.

He Is The Source behind all of the love you see, hear and feel.

And you know what the brilliant thing is?

All you have to do is be grateful to Your Creator, The One Who Has Given you everything you asked for, The One Whose Favors You Could Never Enumerate, and…

The Most Generous, Al Kareem, Will Shower you with more favors to be grateful for!

It’s that simple! It’s a metaphysical law of the universe, as Shaykh Hamza Yusuf puts it.

Gratitude is great for you, for your physical, emotional, financial, psychological and spiritual health … and in a time of holiday spending, it’s actually totally free!

Think of that as the most EPIC Black Friday sale ever!

Buy one, thank God for one, get unlimited credit for more!!!

May God Bless you and your family always.

With Love and Heartfelt Gratitude,

Motivational Mishi

Thank You so much for reading, for interacting and for being such a special part of my story. 😘💕

Live In The Present for True Fulfillment

“Behold! Verily no fear shall be upon the friends of Allah, nor shall they grieve;”

Quran 10:62

Peace be upon you, beautiful, ethereal human being, full of heavenly light!

Here I am, following through on my promise. I hope you are having a breathtaking Monday, soaking in the beauty of all that is, while intermingling gratitude into every thread of your existence.

So much of our lives are spent living out the script of two specific emotions:

Fear or grief.

We fear the future, with all of its uncertainty.

We grieve over the past, donning the heavy cloak of regret.

And what do we forget to do?

We forget to truly live. We forget…the present.

You know, as crazy as it sounds, the word present is a double entendre – a fancy way of saying it has a double meaning.

The present moment is all we have. And yes, it is absolutely the most precious gift.

Pause here to imagine, for a moment.

In your youth, you made a thousand mistakes. You let your health slide, and you fed your body so much processed food it’s a miracle you’re still alive.

Now, every moment of your life is wrought with worry that these mistaken choices will catch up to you. It’s only going to be a matter of time before you get really sick, you sit and think to yourself.

Doesn’t it sound like a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Now, what about if we tried it again, like this?

In your youth, you made a thousand mistakes. You let your health slide, and you fed your body so much processed food it’s a miracle you’re still alive.

Today, you forgive yourself. Today, you take your power back. Today, you decide that you will get the help you need.

You firmly resolve that you will change your unhealthy habits no matter what.

It’s time to become who you really are.

It’s time to release the excess weight.

It’s time to stop playing victim to your past. To become the author of your own story.

A year passes by, then two…

You lose over 100 pounds! Even through excruciating pain, you’re pulled through by your True Self…with God’s Help. You quit the processed foods, and you reprogram your entire gut microbiome! Now, miracle of miracles! The girl who once piled her plate high with sugary sweets…now craves only healthy foods.

You become an inspiration to people around you. Soon, your story spreads and you’re speaking on stages across the world…you’ve written books on your story…you’re launching courses to enlighten others…sharing that if you could do it, they could do it, too.

And that’s how you make your own (hi)story.

By receiving the gift of the present moment. By living in the now.

“And certainly We created man of clay that gives forth sound, of black mud fashioned in shape.”

Quran 15:26

Us human beings? We’re made from clay…and we can literally.become.anything.

We have the power of free will, the power to choose…as a gift from The Most Generous Creator, Allah (Arabic name for God)!

You always have a choice to make. So, will you choose fear…or faith?

Fear of the future, or faith in your dream future…which you will make happen with the Help of Allah, no matter what.

After all, Allah Himself Has Promised that with belief, there is neither fear, nor grief.

What will you decide?

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Teresa

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” – Albert Camus

I hope this story hit home for you guys! I would love to hear your stories of overcoming fear and grief ❤

Thank You so much for listening to mine ❤

With a cooling breeze of peace,

From my heart to yours,

Motivational Mishi

Take Your Power Back With Small, Consistent Steps

Peace be upon you, beautiful human being!

You don’t even how how powerful you are. I mean, I discover something new about the human potential every single day, and yet, I feel…

Like I know nothing. That’s how incredibly infinite the human soul is…full of endless mysteries.

There is, like, SOOOOO much to share!!! Sometimes, I have to admit, the fact that there are so many reflections and lessons to share often stopped me from posting consistently.

The old me would make excuses limiting myself. I used to think about how long it would take to put everything together.

I would ask myself, “Who am I to be a #1 NYT Internationally sold-out best-selling author? Who am I to share all of these brilliant ideas? Who would want to listen to me? These ideas are so simple, everyone probably already knows them. Someone way more brilliant and talented than me will share them. Who do I think I am to deserve this???”

And uncomfortably, this would stop me from taking any action…and then, nothing would be shared…which would benefit no one…

This held me back from being consistent. This led me to procrastinate. This led me to the mistaken belief that I needed to be perfect before I started!

Not anymore, folks. After listening to inspirational podcasts with people I look up to, I’ve realized that everyone goes through this…the difference is, the people who make their dreams come true don’t take it as an excuse.

My dreams are MY responsibility. I am cheering myself on! And I believe with every fiber of my being, from the depths of my heart’s core, I finally believe…

In me. ❤

Today, a new level of Motivational Mishi has been unlocked! By The Infinite Grace of God.

Today, I look in the mirror with all of my perfect imperfections, and fill my own cup to the BRIM with self-love, with an unwavering belief in me. There is no one out there who is “me-er” than me!

Today, I take my power back!

*does a little dance & twirls around* Hehe.


I’m going to follow the brilliant advice that I received in full just yesterday…and start small. I am just going to start.

And then, I’m going to keep going, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when I don’t really want to…one small, consistent step at a time! And with God’s Infinite Grace, He Will Make every single one of my dreams a reality, beyond my imagination!

In sha Allah! (As God Wills)

Over 1400 years ago, my beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ﷺ) shared:

“Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately and know that your deeds will not make you enter Paradise, and that the most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ﷺ

God Loves consistency! And what’s more…He Loves it even if what you’re doing is taking one tiny step, every single day!

After all, it takes time for the sun to rise and light up the whole, wide world 🙂

But…if it didn’t start peeking over the horizon, one ray at a time, we would forever be in darkness! And that’s definitely not a world I would want to live in…thank God for the sun’s faith in God, and simultaneously, in itself!

OK, so I wanted to share another HUUUUUGEEE tip that really stuck with me. When you start an instagram to have a positive impact on the world, even if one person watches your live, or no one does, so what?!

As long as you’re getting your “reps” in, getting your practice runs in, you are WINNING allll the way! You get to practice in front of yourself, and you get to cheer yourself on! Your heart soars with love and joy, and you know that…God Is Smiling upon you, too ❤

It doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not. You were designed to win at the game of life, so just get up and play!

Yes, you might make a thousand mistakes, or even a million! The only “but…” you should remember is this:

But as long as you don’t give up on yourself, you’ll keep getting better. Ultimately, victory is guaranteed for you. Accept this reality, and embrace it fully. Absorb it into every pore of your being.

It is so refreshing to hear from humans (just like you and me) who are crushing their personal goals, and are vulnerable enough to admit that they still make mistakes…but that’s never stopped them! They just keep going. One small, consistent step at a time. And that’s the key to their success.

One thing that has always helped me is really laying myself bare on the prayer mat. Telling Allah alllll of my problems, anxieties, deepest darkest fears, and even the feelings I’m ashamed of having…I spill out everything that makes me uncomfortable, or disturbs the peace of my heart.

You have nothing to hide ‘cuz guess what? He Knows it already!

On the other hand, when you become like a water bottle that submits humbly on the ground, you ease the burden on yourself. You empty out what’s in your heart so that you are free to receive His Infinite Love. And that is how you change the world!

Remember, all heroes start from zero. Allah Is The Most Generous Lord, and He Is Also The Most Just. Everything balances out. So yes, all heroes start from zero, just like you & me, but they (we) make sure to start!

It’s time to get out of my own way. It’s time to let my heart shine. It’s my time!

Bismillah! (With the name of Allah (Arabic: God), The Only One Worthy of our Love & Devotion)

With a cup full of fierce passion & SO much Love!!!

Your up-and-coming #1 NYT Internationally Sold-Out Best-selling author (in sha Allah!!!),

Motivational Mishi

P.S. The brand-new Mishi answers to herself, and she will be posting 2x weekly starting already: Monday and Thursday! Looking forward to being held accountable, and being forever consistent – like I was destined to be! In sha Allah!!!

Here’s an inspirational poem to help you realize who has had the free will, the power to become all along:

When You Level Up Your Vibes

Peace be upon you, beautiful people of the world, and sacred vessels of Divine Light!

Dear Me,

When you evolve from the old you and step into the new you, you don’t just lose your past self.

You lose people. You were once so close, but they just don’t get you anymore. What on earth happened?

You lose opportunities. That entry level job no longer has any room for you, and they let you go.

You lose your coccoon. It blows away with the wind, leaving you bare. Exposed.


Because you have changed what is in your self.

And so, your reality reflects that quite remarkably…like…

A mirror.

Don’t be sad for even a second, though. Don’t you dare let it make you doubt your worth. Your light quite literally lights up all the worlds!

Even though your ego has melted away and you’re leveling up, by God’s Grace, you’ve mistakenly lowered your numbers.

So here you are, scrambling for 2, 3 and 4-figure opportunities.

You mistakenly think this is the path to success, abundance and fulfillment.

Yet, you’re still confused when you don’t get the “luck” or the results you were hoping for.

It’s becoming more difficult, rather than the ease you were expecting. You might be teetering, on the edge of burning out…Hmm…

I’ll tell you the secret…come close.

You’re scrambling for 2, 3 and 4 figure opportunities, while your inner growth and evolution has opened up 5, 6 and 7, possibly even 8!!! figure opportunities for you.

Don’t you see?

Abundance is written in your DNA, so embrace it. And for God, for your Real Self, please claim it.

Realize your Infinite Divine Potential.

You’re ready to receive. In sha Allah!

By God’s Infinite Grace. By His Generosity. By The One Who Has Designed the game of Life for You to Win!

If only you would stop resisting your own abundance!

When will you stop getting in your own way?!

Those people? Those opportunities? That coccoon?

They just don’t fit anymore.

They’re no longer in alignment with the new level of YOU that you are at.

They’re from your past self, so peacefully release them into the past.

Don’t carry such heavy burdens on your shoulders.

Don’t wear those shoes anymore. You have wings now, where you once had feet!

So, stop playing small. Your playing small is holding the entire universe back from doing what God Has Designed it to do…to do what it loves to do…to Give…so it can Live.

When Life swaps out the old for the new puzzle, don’t force pieces from your past & then question why you suffer. That IS why you suffer.

Stop forcing the past to stay. Stop resisting your own abundance.

It’s time to peacefully move on to your next stage of life, your new existence.

My beayoutiful, darling butterfly:

Your peace is in l e t t i n g g o.

Release, at p e a c e. In alignment with the present, with You.

There are new people, places and projects for them, and for you…that are in alignment with the moment.

Choose the path of least resistance.

Embrace the moment.

“…If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what has been taken from you, and He will forgive you, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Quran: al-Anfal: 70]

You’re on your way to The Real You, The Highest Version of Your Self. The True You that has purified itself of ego.

The self that is…in total submission… to The Source. Of All. Existence.

In a state of Islam…to Allah, Alone.

So when you get the keys to the new kingdom, don’t hold on to the past you…shed your coccoon (glee)FULLY to own your wings and SHINE your light to ALL the worlds, baby!

And when thoughts and relationships and projects that were once in alignment now get released, LET THEM GO.

You don’t fit them anymore, and they don’t fit you anymore. It’s time to move on, onto the newest version of you…on the way to your True Self.

Don’t you hold on to anything, or anyone for a second longer than your heart tells you to.

This is the path to your greatest fulfillment and abundance in life.

This is the path to eternal peace.

May Allah Make it easy for you, and for me.


With pure Love and a heart full of gratitude,

Dr. Peace

Can I Be Vulnerable With You?

May peace be in your heart wherever you are, my special human, you!

Can I be vulnerable with you?

I want to share an absolutely crazy experience I had with my skin a few days ago. One morning, I woke up with a patch of dry skin next to my eye. Since I had cleaned up my diet, my skin was essentially a non-issue. What had once been my worst nightmare…oh, that wonderful time when I had a wedding to attend with a giant zit on my face…was SOLVED. Man, I could feel my soul dancing.

That’s why it was even weirder when I touched my face last week and felt my eyes burning. Allergies? I thought…Hmm…

Of course, you probably know by now how much I like to play detective. Whipping out my inner Nancy Drew, I tried to think if I had eaten anything new. Was it the little bit of rice I ate on a special occasion?! (I vowed to stay away from rice unless it’s like a party or something…) Combing through my meals, I sniffed out a few possible culprits.

Over the next few days, I tried cutting out roti and afghani bread, thinking it was their kasoor. (Urdu for fault:))

When that didn’t work, I did what always got me results: I made a prayer.

My Beloved Lord, can you please Heal me with Your Loving Hands just like you fixed me up before? Please grant me silky smooth skin, my Lord. Ameen.



A day or two passed by, and I had a strange inkling…a gut feeling, some might say…to switch my toothpaste. (?!!!)

You see, I had started using this toothpaste (pictured below) instead of David’s or my go-to Sensodyne. But somehow, there always seemed to be something off about it…

A-ha!!! Caught you!

It turns out, this particular, seemingly innocent toothpaste that I had picked up from our local deli grocery store had a preservative called sodium benzoate in it.

Lo and behold! I switched to my regular Sensodyne, and the effect was instantaneous. My skin…was healed. I think it didn’t even take ten minutes for the effects to kick in!

Man, I really wish I listened to my gut sooner when it nudged me that something was off about this toothpaste. But that’s why I’m here now, sharing it with you, my beloved reader…be careful what you tooth-paste with :))

Apparently, sodium benzoate is one of the ingredients that trigger eczema in those of us with sensitive skin!

At the end of the “day,” my problem was joyfully solved..without too much pain..except an Aunty asking me if I was ok because the eczema made it look like I hadn’t really slept…and the keys were:

An earnest prayer to my Beloved Lord + Guided Action 😀

Those 2 keys will unlock every single door. It’s His Promise.

Do you struggle with skin issues, too? Have you changed up your diet yet? I would love to hear your story and answer your questions!

With Bucketloads of Light, Love & Gratitude,

Your Favorite Blogger…hehehe 🙂 (can I get away with this one? It’s my birthday month :P)

Motivational Mishi!

P.S. Oh man, it was such a catharsis pouring this out! I really need to re-start posting everyday, am-i-riiiii?!